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Berlin-based Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Singer-Songwriter, Piano Composer & Audio Engineer who began her musical voyage of artistic discovery from early age on. Her multifaceted musicality manifests in diverse sound signatures that echo with an ever-evolving creative spirit.

Commencing her music voyage as a pianist at the early age of 4, Emina’s natural aptitude for music manifests itself in a uniquely versatile music signature. Initially performing for many years as a pianist and singer-songwriter throughout her adolescence, she made her foray into electronic music during her university studies in the Netherlands. In addition to developing a proficiency in electronic music production, Emina acquired several DJ residencies along the way and increasingly gained visibility in the electronic music scene. Soon after completing her Masters degree in Neuropsychology, she decided to fully devote herself to her growing music career, ultimately landing herself in Berlin as an established full-time Music Producer, DJ, label-owner and Audio Engineer. 

Frequently incorporating her own productions in her DJ sets, Emina’s deep-seated and distinct musical caliber transcends the nightlife scene with an eclectic, energetic and enticing sound footprint. Drawing inspiration from various electronic genres ranging from Techno, Acid, Industrial, Deep Tech, South-Eastern European “Rominimal”, and Melodic House, both her electronic productions and DJ style reveal a skilfully crafted genre-interplay. With sets predominantly characterised by deep, driving and groovy bass-lines, propulsive (poly)rhythmic structures, hypnotic soundscapes and melodic textures- topped with a liberal dose of the unexpected-, she aims to “Seduce body, mind and soul into an elevated state of sound indulgence.” 

Further to the burgeoning evolution of her music productions, Emina released tracks on labels such as: Golden Gate Records (Berlin), Tonkind (Berlin), Sisyphon (Berlin), Collage Audio (Berlin), Lauter. Records (Lux), Sound Conception (Berlin), Bonus Noise Records (Lux) and Frenetica Records (London), the latter of which included tracks supported by names such as Steve Lawyer, Kerri Chandler, Tyron Dixon, Tom Novi, Carl Craig, Roger Sanchez and Betoko, including a track charted by Dino Lenny (Ellum) and featuring in the Frenetica Records Top 10 on Beatport in 2015.

Her success as both a live-performer and DJane enabled her to spread her sound though various venues across Europe, with several high profile gigs along her way - sharing stages with various acclaimed artists such as American singer-songwriter Zola Jesus, electro-swing pioneer Parov Stelar, award-winning producer The Avener, and other headline names such as Amelie Lens and Fritz Kalkbrenner. 

While continuing to frequently appear as a DJ and live-performer, Emina spends a large part of her time hunkered down in her studio in Berlin, progressively cultivating her creative spirit through her idea of a “musical multiverse”. With her multifaceted background in music, her productions continue to embody diverse music directions, ranging from various Electronic Genres and club music, to more Downtempo, Ambient, and Singer-songwriter genres.

Having recently launched her own label “Sound Conception”, many of Emina's tracks are scheduled to see the light of day throughout 2023. At the same time, she currently is finalising an integrative, Audio-visual, multi-instrumental, Electronic Live set, aiming to encompass all of her musical directions and means of sound expression into one comprehensive music journey.

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